Sessions 6-10

Session Summary – 6
The party tried to go down the big hole but found it was quite deep. Waffles sent down her sprite to plumb the depths (math was done to determine how deep and how quickly it moved). Her sprite came back very scared so they decided to investigate the scream they had heard instead. The party found a nice-ish looking house. After some quick investigating they found it was attacked by something and that whatever occupant had only hidden in the bedroom and left the other rooms of the house unused. The party went down the hole to see what they could see and found some treasure (and Flanneltooth) and some mutations…and Kruthiks!

Session Summary – 7
The party went back to the house for an extended rest. During which they took turns keeping watch and a few creepy things happened. After taking an extended rest the adventurers explored the tunnel a little further and found some traps and some more mutations. They overcame these obstacles and decided to keep venturing in.

Session Summary – 8
The party wound their way through the tunnel even more before eventually coming upon some doomspore. After some initial investigation the solution chosen was a ball of fire. This was successful in eliminating the doom spore threat but may have tipped off the voices which could be heard that there was something coming. It was discovered that the voice which was echoing through the tunnel was using deep speech; a language not often found in the more civilized parts of society. Doc snuck over to an opening and listened in. As he was alerting the group to what he had learned a sound began to come from behind the group. Strathroy went to investigate and found a hulking mutation waiting to bash him. Strathroy went flying and the group came to his aid. The lurching mutation was like nothing seen yet and was extremely tough. Another one joined in as the session wound to a close.

Session Summary – 9
The Adventurers continued to battle the lurching monstrosities. With the added help of Marlon who seemed to have phased out for a moment they destroyed all of the monstrosities…although not without some cost. Doc was gravely injured and many of the party members have exhausted themselves in the battle. They decided to take an extended rest in the tunnel…but with mutations, monstrosities, kruthiks, and who knows what else lurking in the caverns will the Adventurers be resting or just waiting for their demise?

Session Character Reaction – 9
What did your character feel during this session? What were some thoughts that crossed her/his mind? Did anything from the session trigger a memory your character might have had?

Doc: Despite the repercussions (and concussions) of my actions, I felt fully justified in my initial attack approach and I was invigorated by getting to call forth my skills to aid my team. I’m also happy to see that my team was very willing to fight on for me when the chips were down.

Session Summary – 10
The party rested…and what a rest was needed! However, between visions, nightmares, and stampeding Kruthiks not much rest was had. Now the adventurers are running for their lives…but will they live through the Kruthik stampede, and why are they stampeding in the first place?

Sessions 6-10

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