Sessions 26-31

Session Summary – 26
05/28/2014 – A crowd of Orcs are visible inside the first stronghold of the Horned Hold. They seem to be on watch for something and much more disciplined than your usual band of Orcs. Doc sent his owl familiar to investigate and got a good view of the room and its occupants. It was, however, shot out of the sky when he attempted to recall it. Through the use of prestidigitation Waffles and Doc changed Strathroy’s appearance to resemble a Half-Orc and he attempted to barter with the Orcs there. He managed to gain an audience with a Duergar who claimed to be of some influence and was offered a to enter. Strathroy, fearing that the group would be separated jammed his sword into the gate so it would not close. This enraged the vain Duergar as he had forged the portcullis himself. He stormed off and as Strathroy began to walk away Neah’Meh strode out and struck an Orc with an arrow.
The party fought valiantly and quickly routed the Orcs. Four managed to flee further into the hold and our heroes stand triumphant in the entry hall wondering if they should give chase or recover.

Session Summary – 27
06/07/2014 – The party decided to press on and retain their advantages from spells but have no opportunity to rest or regain some abilities. The party didn’t care though, they were feeling tough. They cautiously entered the hallway beyond; very aware of a possible ambush should they push too far ahead. The group thoroughly checked all the doors and were rewarded for their caution by finding some of the Orcs which had fled. They quickly and easily dispatched them and continued on their search. The next room held many beds and a disgusting “chamber-pot room”. It also held a cryptic note, “Count the pillars, Doc” with the symbol of the Raven Queen at the bottom. Curious!
Neah’Meh heard Giant being spoken beyond a large set of double doors and urged more caution to the group. The decision was made to enter through the side door, they found themselves in a room with a well and a door looking out into a larger room with a blazing furnace, an anvil, and a couple of enemies; a Duergar and an Orc from the first fight. Strathroy entered the room with Marlon and began to fight those two foes. Waffles entered next and cleverly used her Watery Sphere spell to block an entrance to another room, effectively cutting off any support. Doc then attempted to use Arc Lightning to arc weld the door’s hinges shut but wasn’t able to finish before a Duergar opened up a door and started blasting the group with spells. The party fought hard and eventually overcame the fight. Even after the last two Duergar went invisible and attempted to get away…emphasis on attempted. That was where we left our adventurers…

Session Summary – 28
06/11/2014 – The party decided to take their extended rest in the sleeping room of the hold. They arranged a watch and Neah’Meh’s Fey Panther helped to keep a nose on things. They almost made it through but before the Rest had ended they were attacked by a patrol who had been sent to discover what had happened. The group fought them off even though they were pinned into a single room. After wrecking the patrol the group searched the area, found some loot, and are now deciding what to do.

Session Summary – 29
7/23/2014 – Party rested and fought a dream battle involving strange Docs. Then the party woke and fought a real battle against Duergar. The battle was not completed by the end of the night.

Session Summary – 30
7/30/2014 – Party finished battle. Crossed a bridge. And started another fight.

Session Summary – 31
8/20/2014 – Party finished battle after crossing a bridge. Party started fight in next room against orcs and an ogre.

Sessions 26-31

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