Sessions 21-25

Session Summary – 21
03/08/2014 – Ultra Recap! While in Hammerfast Strathroy discovered that his Lady Love had been moved from her prison and was likely sold into slavery! Likewise other rumors of an underground marketplace intrigued the party members and they found their way in. While making their way to the 7-Pillared Hall the group found a couple of corpses. They were the corpses of the men Strathroy had overheard speaking of selling the prisoners as slaves! The corpses also contained a note which spoke of a slave buyer. It was likely that the man had been returning to collect the rest of his payment, or perhaps just visiting the blackmarketplace. Unfortunately a bunch of mutated abominations attacked the party and they were forced to flee down into the mountain while the caverns collapsed around them.
While in the 7-Pillared Hall the group did some investigating and found the location of the slave-traders. After approaching their location and killing many within they found that the slaves had already been sold!
The party took an extended rest in the lair of the villains and awoke to find the place deserted. Inspecting a statue in one of the rooms yielded strange results. When Waffles attempted to befriend the statue with a cuddly hug it grappled her. When Earthie attempted to batter it with his axe, he too was captured. Doc attempted to appease the statue by extending an offering of sacrifice. He eventually wound up summoning the King that Crawls, Torog. Doc, Waffles, and Earthie were all grasped by the earth as they had all spoken Torog’s name. After some sassy remarks from Raven and some capitulation he left, but not before placing some kind of torturous curse upon Waffles and Earthie.
The group then quickly left the old temple and followed the footsteps of the deserters. This led to a tunnel filled with smoke and as Neah’Meh investigated she was swarmed by Bats. Fire Bats!

Session Summary – 22
03/21/2014 – As their reality crashed around them the party realized that they had been under a spell of some kind by a cloaked wizard! After the spell retreated into his spell book the wizard uttered some curious words before disappearing. Although Neah’Meh did get a crack shot in on his leg before he teleported. He returned briefly to inform the group that he had fixed the Dwarf. Marlon seemed to have been returned; although his incredible aging had still taken place. With Marlon’s faculties returned, albeit his younger appearance was still gone, the group made their way out to the main chamber where what appeared to be the rest of the Bloodreaver gang was moving the corpses of their fallen comrades. The party trapped a single hobgoblin inside the chamber and pressed him for information but ultimately were only able to get a little information from him.
The party began to wander the labyrinth back to the 7-Pillared hall. A scratching sound was heard. A skritchy skratching the likes of which they hadn’t heard since they battled the Kruthiks. Doc took his decaying Kruthik legs from his pack and between his mage hand and him managed to make a scuttling sound similar to that of the Kruthiks. The Kruthiks stopped and the party got out of their before they found out how many, how big, and how angry the Kruthiks were.
However, they were not without some difficulty. On their way back they found a flesh golem wandering the halls. After a great battle they managed to subdue but not without taking heavy casualties. The group healed up and finally made it to their destination.
When the party arrived in the 7-Pillared hall the Ordinator Arcanis was waiting for them with two of those bronze statue Minotaur Warders…

Session Summary – 23
03/29/2013 – The Ordinator Arcanis blocked the group’s entry back into the hall until he had spoken with them. He heard of their exploits destroying the slavers and knows that they are quite capable of defending themselves within the labyrinth. He asked that they figure out the goings ons of one of his order, a mage called “Paldemar”. The party would be rewarded for information pertaining to what he is doing. As a show of good faith he returned the silk worms he had taken ten-fold and enchanted them so that they would cease their decaying. He then left the party to be free to enter the hall.
Raven and Strathroy visited the Temple of Light in the hall to have their extreme critical wounds tended to; Doc accompanied them for a bit but then retired to the inn. Raven was also able to learn the ritual and gain some components to cast it. Waffles and Marlon immediately returned to the inn where she ran into a couple of familiar faces, Dreyfus and Arborn. Neah’Meh plundered the hall’s inhabitants of their riches.
Waffles had a nice chat with the Elven brothers for a bit and then they left to retire to their room. She noticed that they had left behind a small pouch and inside was a letter in a language she did not recognize.
Marlon had a nice chat with a fellow Dwarf who joined him at the bar. He then moved to the table with Waffles and attempted to help decipher the language. Doc joined soon after and attempted to poison Marlon during a game of darts but didn’t notice when Marlon switched the drinks. Doc wound up drinking his own “essence of gibbering mouther” and grew a second set of eyes and a mouth on the back of his head covered by his hair.
Meanwhile Raven was helping out in the Temple of Light. Such reflection and healthy relationships granted her a new insight into her religion.
The next morning, after the party had rested, the group took off in two directions. Waffles headed to Gendar’s Curious Shoppe to see if he had information on the language she discovered. Unfortunately, he only knew what everyone else did. It was an extremely old language of Baphomet, not seen in thousands of years, and that if someone was using it again then Baphomet must again be making moves in the mortal realm.
Marlon, Neah’Meh, Strathroy, Raven, and Doc went to investigate the Grimmerzhul trading post to see what they would find. They found a couple of Duergar tending the shop. They were quite stoic and unfriendly until Doc cast a spell which enchanted one of them to be very friendly. Doc, one of the Duergar, and Marlon went out of the shop in search of a drink leaving Raven, Strathroy, and Neah’Meh behind. Raven attempted to enter another part of the outpost which angered the Duergar and started a fight. Doesn’t this stuff always happen?
List of essentials themes:
Unseelie Agent
Sidhe Lord
Primordial Adept
Fey Beast Tamer
Elemental Initiate
Demon Spawn

Or we can work on making a specific theme which better fits your idea of the character. Or you can look through all of the themes available and we can make sure it doesn’t unbalance the group.

Session Summary – 24
04/03/2014 – The party does battle! Raven’s unauthorized entrance into another part of the Grimmerzhul trading post triggered the Duergar to become violent and attempt to force the group to leave. Fortunately the group had managed to separate the members of the trading post making for an easier conquest. The addition of Waffles after a short amount of time only helped to quicken the Duergar’s defeat. One did manage to get away however, who knows what she will be able to accomplish. One Duergar was left alive…who knows what may befall it as the trading post burns down around it.

Session Summary – 25
05/23/2014 – Downtime in the 7-Pillared Hall!
Marlon spoke with a Dwarf he had previously met at the Halfmoon Inn. Marlon’s friend, Jet, told him many things among which were that Marlon could drink free today. When Marlon approached the bar the bartender also mentioned that there was an item for Marlon. It was another cryptic map!
Raven went into the Temple of Hidden Light and discussed some things with Phaledra, after which she stayed and prayed in quiet contemplation.
Neah’Meh tried to steal but was stopped, however, she did manage to get a key ring off the guard that stopped her. She was later apprehended by Brugg who questioned her about the attack on the Grimmerzhul Trading post; she managed to convince Brugg that it was a Dwarf that was responsible. Later she had great fun looting some more things…and she may have killed someone too.
Doc went on a shopping trip and left quite a few cryptic messages with a few people. What is that guy up to?
Waffles returned to the Halfmoon Inn and spoke with Dreyfus. Dreyfus asked Waffles for help with his brother. Apparently he has fallen in with some disreputable folk and naively believes it will be for the best.
Strathroy, after a long moment of contemplation, decided to head off into the Labyrinth on his own. After wandering around for a few hours he wound up back in the hall.
Waffles and Raven tracked down someone that would be able to help guide them through the Hall and guilt-tripped him into doing it for free.
The group eventually made their way into the Labyrinth together to meet up with Dreyfus and Arborn. When they approached the meeting place they heard voices and upon viewing discovered that the people who the brothers had allied themselves with were the Kruthiks, and they had been bringing them messages written in the ancient language of Baphomet! The Kruthiks suddenly attacked the brothers, seemingly killing them both. Arborn’s neck had been snapped but Dreyfus was able to be saved but is still unconscious. After stabilizing him the party continued to work their way to the Horned Hold, the hidden keep of the Grimmerzhul clan.

Sessions 21-25

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