Sessions 16-20

Session Summary – 16
The party awoke in the dungeons and plans were hatched. Raven decided they probably had a better chance to break Caingorm out of the prison than appealing to a triumvirate council so he was quickly ushered into a bag of holding to get through the bars in between guard patrols. Marlon was next to be rescued. Waffles and Doc then went to work with prestidigitation and changed the appearance of both Caingorm and Marlon before escaping the dungeons. The Dwarven guard which had been flirting with Waffles came around and saw the empty jail cells and went to raise the alarm. The group all headed out of the church and to the junction down to the Low Roads while Doc went to the evidence room to regain the Marlon’s possessions. Waffles stayed to levy some damage control on the guards but unexpectedly a whole mess of guards appeared. She directed them to the evidence room hoping that Doc’s ambush would be good enough to take out a majority of the guards.
Doc meanwhile had found the evidence room and discovered that there was an officer Dwarfing a desk to maintain the chain of evidence. Doc convinced the Dwarf that Doc was part of a secret organization, “The Lollipop Guild”. The Dwarf happened to be apart of the same organization and Doc successfully bluffed his way to being able to take some equipment from the evidence room. He managed to leave and be down the hall by the time the guards arrived. Waffles excused herself and she and Doc hurried to the rendezvous point.
While waiting a strange Dwarf approached Marlon and began to converse with him as if he were an old friend. The Dwarf had mistaken Marlon for someone else with his disguise on. It was a strange exchange and was over quickly.
After the party regrouped they got in line for the Low Roads entrance. They discovered there was quite a steep price to enter the Low Roads but in the end Neah’Meh opted to pay for everyone’s entrance in order to expedite their way out of the city.
Once in the Low Roads the party made sure they weren’t being followed and Neah’Meh found the hidden passage that leads to the 7 Pillared Hall and the Thunderspire Labyrinth. The party found two bodies which Strathroy and Doc found familiar. They were the men claiming to have sold some prisoners into slavery. Strathroy found a note on one of the bodies….

Session Summary – 17
The party awakes after a very strange encounter. The corpses found before have become more decrepit and aged visibly. Marlon has also aged very visibly to the tune of hundreds of years. He is also not responsive to the name Marlon and desires to be called, “Earthie McStonerock”, the very same Dwarf which he had been mistaken for in Hammerfast. Before this curiosity can be investigated further however the noise of calloused flesh on rock can be heard scraping behind the party. Soon they are surrounded by some of those mutated creatures last encountered in the Kruthik Kaverns!
The party fought long and hard, many nearly dying, in their attempt to escape the creatures. They eventually made their way to the bottom of the path where they slayed the final monstrosity and were able to take a short rest.

Session Summary – 18
01/26/2014 – The group made it into the 7-Pillared Hall after meeting a cheery Halfling, Rendil Halfmoon. The party rescued Rendil who had been trapped beneath a falling boulder. As the party exited the cavern pathway a large group of people had gathered and accosted the party. One of these individuals was the Ordinator Arcanis, a black cloaked, golden stylized mask, wearing wizard. She took a sample of the silkworms as payment for entrance into the hall and allowed the group to continue on their way.
After becoming acquainted with the features of the hall the group decided to try and buy some weapons and armor. Finding that the prices were currently too high they left dismayed. Doc followed Brugg, an ogre enforcer for the Mages of Saruun, around to find that he delights in his overbearing job. Raven visited the local temple of Erathis to discuss matters with the priest there.
The group entered the Labryinth in the hopes of finding the “Bloodreavers”. The gang that might have bought the prisoners from the prison holding Luusi, Strathroy’s lady-love.

Session Summary – 19
02/06/2014 – The party found themselves staring danger in the face, almost literally! They tried to sneak back and take a different route but Strathroy’s armor drew too much attention and soon the goblins and Hobgoblin were after them! The party retreated up the stairs; defending their rear flank as they went. The goblins went around another way and did not chase the party. Doc eventually lifted himself up the balcony and followed the party. Some of the goblins did try to sneak behind the party but Doc let loose an arc lightning and morphed it into a storm giant blocking the goblin’s path. Even though it was just an illusion it was a convincing one and the little crettins fled! Earthie quickly found a door and determined there were Dwarves on the other side. Waffles opened the door, strutted through, and tried to sue for peace; attempting to convince the Dwarves and goblins that they were just lost and looking for a way out. She even spoke to the goblins in their own language to help sway them to her side. Alas, it was not to be as the party continued to battle the mean looking opponents. The battle raged for quite a while until eventually a few goblins lay slain, the Duergar slain as well, and a Hobgoblin warcaster dead in the water. The rest of the enemies seemed to have fled into another room and were preparing. Neah’Meh didn’t want to give them time to regroup so she led a charge into a doorway to find herself staring down six archers and a Direwolf.

Session Summary – 20
02/20/2014 – Triumph! The party successfully defeated all the goblins and hobgoblins, and bugbear, and that one big wolf. It was a harrowing battle, being so large and lasting so long. But the party defeated their foes! Excellent teamwork from everyone definitely saved the day!

Up next, looting, pillaging, and searching!

Sessions 16-20

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