Sessions 11-15

Session Summary – 11
The party was caught amidst an unending flow of Kruthiks when Waffles brought a bastion of nature and peace into the tunnel with a spell. Somewhat damming the flow of creatures the party was able to catch its breath and plan. Marlon grabbed a passing Kruthik as large as himself, shook it, and demanded to know where it was going. The Kruthik squirmed and spit weak acid in Marlon’s face. Doc chided the bug’s table manners in Deep Speech and proceeded to attempt to converse with it to determine what was going on. While Doc and Marlon tried to speak with a bug Neah’Meh leaped onto the back of a passing Kruthik and sped off into the cavern tunnel. Waffles followed as did Raven; each on their own bug of burden. Doc was able to cast a spell on the beastie Marlon was holding to make it friendlier to their means. The two then released it into the horde and began to follow it to something they could ride away. Raven fell off of her “steed” but Strathroy quickly waded through the tumultuous wave of Kruthiks to right her and send her on her way atop another beast. As Strathroy watched Raven ride out of the tunnel Doc tripped and was trampled, his life leaking away as claw after claw ripped through his back. Strathroy and Marlon heaved him up and eventually made it out of the tunnel. The group stood outside the house and saw a legion of Kruthiks all flooding out of houses and holes in the ground and heading east.
Neah’Meh had ridden her Kruthik very far to the east in an attempt to find where they were going but all that could be seen was further devotion to stay true to the cardinal direction and they showed no signs of tiring.

Session Summary – 12
As the legion moved eastward the party spied an overlord; the Kruthik which Doc had charmed having boarded and motioned for the party to join. They quickly worked up a papoose in which to carry the unconscious Doc and started sprinting toward the Overlord. Marlon made the dash across the quickly disappearing town and deftly leapt upon a tentacle. Waffles likewise made the journey relatively easily and made it to a tentacle. Strathroy had a harder time in his heavier armor making the leap but he made it. Raven missed her leap and were it not for the strong arm of Strathroy keeping her aloft she would have been left alive.
Off on her own in the forest Neah’Meh saw a strange sight in the distance. While the majority of the Kruthiks seemed to have disappeared the sky bore evidence that there were still a few large bugs to be making their way east. Neah’Meh could clearly pick out her co-adventurers hanging on to the tendrils and decided to join them. She deftly climbed a tree and leapt onto the tentacle.
The group, now once again whole, journeyed for a while upon the Overlords. Doc decided to attempt to control the mind of the overlord beast on which they rode and was seemingly successful in forcing it to land…however it was quickly gaining speed. Further attempts were made to slow it down but they seemed to not do much and the beasties continued to pick up speed while plunging toward the ground. The party eventually decided to abandon Overlord and jumped off of it before it hit the ground where it did so with a strange sound. It then began to sink beneath the earth.
Our adventurers decided to start heading south towards the main road with Hammerfast to the east in mind as their destination when they found some orcus cultists. Needless to say they made quick work of the cultists…but what now?

Session Summary – 13
Strange man singing a strange song! Turns out he has a bag and maybe it’s filled with sunshine? Curiosity got the better of Waffles and now there is a fight going down! Neah’Meh was on her own for a moment but quickly caught up. Raven successfully executed a quick ritual but Neah’Meh (the volunteer) suffered…well…we will see next time!

Session Summary – 14
Gibbering Mouther! That’s what the strange man turned into…or was all along and was shape-shifting as a strange man. A burst of dark-light surged into Neah’Meh and she fired an arrow into the back of Strathroy. She never again allowed herself to be possessed in such a way and the group came together to quickly defeat the Gibbering Mouther.
It was a week’s journey to Hammerfast but the party made it eventually. Upon entering the city they saw a large crowd gathered around a makeshift stage with a human tied to a post. A Dwarf dressed in the regalia of the Raven Queen was reading from a scroll of charges leveraged against the man while another Dwarf dressed in the Formal Executioner’s Attire stood with a lit torch waiting for the signal to light the tinder. The man was being burned at the stake for heresy against the Raven Queen and even at this last stand he was defiant. Raven wasn’t about to just stand idly by however and questioned the man in his last moments. The things he said intrigued Raven and she decided to send an even greater message than just a public execution. A public execution in front of his own village. She vouched for the prisoner and stood up on his behalf to have him not executed that day. She then left with Waffles to visit and speak more with the prisoner and also fill out the paperwork for approval to have him transferred into her custody and start the appeal process to change the punishment.
Neah’Meh had a lovely time stealing things from the large crowd which had gathered as well as the regular traders and citizens of the town.
Strathroy went about some private business with the post office when he overheard someone speaking about something of personal interest to him. Strathroy managed to find Doc and the two of them stealthily tracked the man and his compatriate to a bar which, after some schmoozing, was determined to have an “underground” casino inside. When Doc and Strathroy attempted to weasel their way in the bartender sounded the alarm and the bar cleared out. Doc and Strathroy stuck around and tried to find their way into the casino. They managed to find one lever behind the bar but that opened into a hidden antechamber with no obvious ways into the casino. A guard caught them sneaking about and looking for hidden triggers when Doc casted “Instant Friends” on him…the result will have to wait for the next session.
Marlon…Marlon decided to Dwarf up the town a bit.

Session Summary – 15
Doc was successful! The guard was enchanted and began to help Doc and Strathroy search the hidden narthex for the secret passageway. However, while they were able to narrow down the area that likely hid the passage, the captain of the guard found the first. Doc and Strathroy exchanged glances with each other and words with the captain and decided it would be best to just go with the officers. While they were confident they may be able to fight their way out they were not tempted to begin a fight with the entire city guard. They were taken to the local constabulary where they were questioned about the events. Given that the enchantment was still active and there was little evidence that the allegations against them were true they managed to win their freedom. Doc’s clever ruse also ensured the guards got them out of station as soon as possible. They then made their way to the rest of the group at the temple of the Raven Queen.
Marlon was involved in a “Dwarven Scuffle” in a bar. Drinks were had, insults exchanged and three Dwarven gentleman decided they would attempt to educate Marlon in the proper behavior for a Dwarf. However, they were neglecting the fact that Marlon is kind of a bamf and they paid the price. The ultimate price. Marlon killed them in the street with his fists. Fists he held in the air in victory as he was taken into the Raven Queen’s dungeons.
Neah’Meh stole things. She’s pretty good at that.
Waffles and Raven spoke more with the strange heretic they are intent on defending.
The entire party eventually joined together in the dungeons of the Raven Queen’s temple, although only one was actually incarcerated, planned their next steps, and took a much needed rest.

Sessions 11-15

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