Sessions 1-5

Session Summary – 1
A group of very different people were all assembled and paid by a mysterious third party to guard a single cart as it carried general goods between cities. However, before it could reach Fallcrest it was beset upon by a group of goblins apparently led by a man with a red cloak on a large horse. The marauders managed to steal something out of the cart before being dispersed. The group quickly defeated the goblin menace and interrogated some survivors. They were told the way back to the goblin’s lair and so toward the lair they went, after some pleading by Traevus the Dwarf merchant driving the cart..
They arrived to find the entrance slightly guarded but not well enough to pose even the slightest threat. The goblins standing guard were no match for the adventurers and as they ripped through this small spattering of seemingly untrained louts they began to wonder how the goblins ever hoped to overtake the cart in the first place.
The group rested for a while and went about different things; Raven praying and reflecting upon an outcropping of rocks; Marlon and Strathroy going through the bodies looking for survivors; Doc setting up dummies made from leaves and the slain goblin’s clothes; Neah’Meh looting the bodies for the best treasure.
After a short time of resting the group began to hear some sounds coming from further in the cave. They decided to go down a path and toward the sound of the horse, hoping to find the Red Rider. Instead what they found was just the horse…and a room full of goblins…and a drake.
The group fought bravely against the inhabitants of the room and triumphed over all without much trouble at all. Thus leaving them with a very scared horse. Many different ways of calming the horse were tried, including dressing up as a goblin and making soft brushing sounds (Doc), to attempting to kill the horse (Marlon). Eventually it was handled and led to a pool of magical sleepy time water where it fell asleep after taking a drink.

Session Character Reactions – 1
What did your character feel during this session? What were some thoughts that crossed her/his mind? What were some impressions that your character had of the other adventurers hired to guard the cart? Did anything from the session trigger a memory your character might have had?

I find myself wondering what other properties that pool of water held. I’m excited by the sheet count of new ingredients! This trip reminds me of trips I used to take with my great aunt Hilda to the darkened forests. We would stand outside the tree line reading the clouds until the right time and then collect berries, herbs, saps… She could make powerful elixirs from the simplest and deceptively benign samplings. I can’t wait to start harvesting even a few of the choice fallen, this place must be filled with treasures!
With a few potions to back them up, half of this crew would be a POWERFUL weapon indeed and the other half are keen to defense. I’m interested in how the dwarf has been fighting, there must be some way I can augment it. I’ll be keeping to the back of the lines for now. These guys don’t seem to like when I just throw their bodies around to fight the enemies so I’ll have to try to find new ways to approach these situations.

Session Summary – 2
A more thorough search of the newly goblin-less room revealed a pair of prisoners held in a room with a scary scarab sigil on the floor. One of the prisoners had been killed and mutilated, seemingly hacked apart at different times for some unknown purpose. The other was still alive but bound and gagged. Removing the gag allowed the character to introduce herself. She was an Elven Wizard without much memory of how she got to where she was. After speaking with her at length about their current goals Raven convinced the wizard, who it was decided would be called “Waffles” until her memory returned, to join the adventuring party as an ally; the Dwarf had been Waffles’ traveling companion before they were captured.
After liberating the room of any loot it was decided to move on through a door to the west, behind which laid in wait a dire rat. Waffles had the idea to try to use the charred corpse of the dwarf (her adventuring companion; the charring happened during an experiment with a magical brazier) to lure the rat into a vulnerable position. It worked perfectly. Neah’Meh deftly stepped up and struck the rat in the head, dealing a sizable amount of damage. The party then quickly finished it off before any sounds could alert people in the following rooms.
More doors lay to the west, and behind those laid in wait more goblins, which of course were destroyed with much ferocity. Neah’Meh also found a trap and attempted to lure some people over to see it activated but everyone was still leery enough of the rogue that they never fully trusted her. Eventually a rug was moved aside and the trap triggered revealing a 10-foot deep pit with extremely smooth walls. The group decided to keep on keeping on and headed through yet another westerly door.
Behind this door sat a large room covered with a checkered floor and some strange stone statues at the other end. It seemed to resemble a chess board and the statues chess pieces. Not too far into the room though and the group triggered a trap and the statues came to life! They moved across the board and began to wreak havoc on the adventurers. Knocking one or two unconscious before being defeated. Waffles had never entered the room so was had not been harmed by the trap. She and the other party members left conscious quickly dragged the rest of the party to safety. If the party couldn’t find somewhere to rest soon they were going to find themselves in poor condition. They quickly retreated to the first room and locked themselves behind a door and took shifts keeping watch.
During the watch many sounds could be heard from afar, people coming and going, arguments breaking out and being resolved, and the horse, who could not have fit within the room, was taken away and tortured.
After the rest they emerged from the room to find it still unoccupied except for the horse, although the horse was now chained again to the wall and spikes driven through its legs and into the stone tiles so as to keep it from moving. Strathroy was able to successfully remove the spikes without doing too much collateral harm and Raven offered a prayer to the Raven Queen for healing and the horse was healed.
Having seen what was to the west the party decided to head through a door to the north this time and investigate. They found a little reptilian creature called a Kobold in the room; it was not very friendly.
They tried to speak with it to learn the way out and it told them to go back the way they had came and that no exit was to be found this way. During their conversation Strathroy had moved up to a defensive position, and his human curiosity getting the better of him, went behind some curtains. Unfortunately he had entered a shrine where some Kobolds were meditating and told to leave…with a javelin.
This led to a fight between the kobolds and the party, although not before Waffles and Doc convinced a Kobold to leave before they were forced to kill him as they did not really mean them harm. Unfortunately one Kobold was able to get away and alert his master, a White Dragon. The dragon came into the room and quickly made short work of the party, using his breath weapon to damage almost everyone. However, this group of adventurers was not about to go down so easily and so they fought back with a fierce strength. Eventually bloodying the dragon it attempted to speak with them but between its arrogant tone and Raven’s intolerance for its face the group continued the assault until the dragon was killed.

Session Summary – 3
A sudden treasure lust befell the group; a desire for pieces of dragon and its hoard. After the adventurers had sated their thirst Doc and Waffles, Strathroy, and Marlon figured out a way to handle the dragon’s freezing eggs in a way that wouldn’t harm the holder. They quickly found that they had to set the eggs down though as they encountered a room filled with goblins. Marlon bravely charged into the room, followed by Nea’hMeh. Waffles tried to float the precious, but freezing, dragon egg into a goblin a few times but the egg-jectile was never able to connect. Raven gloriously helped to keep her teammates up and hitting, even after a hobgoblin charged in through another door to attack the party. He started his assault by attacking Waffles but Neah’Meh and Raven quickly came to her aid. Doc was lobbing magic missiles left and right to help take down the gross creatures. The party decided to rest in this room; with Doc and Waffles having determined that a source of magic lay in the room beyond the group wanted to be prepared for it. After resting they opened the door to the room to find a few skeletons, a hulking zombie ogre and a human who seemed to be Malareth. Waffles waltzed into the room and started perusing the bookshelves, looking for something. Then in charged Marlon followed by Strathroy and Neah’Meh who quickly started laying into the undead abominations which littered the room. Eventually Malareth himself joined the fight but not before his skeleton minions had fell and Doc was shooting down his abomination. Neah’Meh was the one who laid the final blow upon Malareth.
The session ended there. What things lie inside Malareth’s laboratory? What was in the box which Traevus asked you to fetch? We’ll find out next time on Red Box Sessions!

Session Summary – 4
Malareth has been defeated! The group took their time examining the surroundings of the laboratory in which Malareth was working. Waffles was missing though and that was a little weird; although she was messing with teleport stuff. They then left to continue their journey to Fallcrest.
They discovered some interesting things about the skull, such as its necromantic origin and some engravings, and this influenced the dealings they had with Traevus. When they got to Fallcrest the party investigated a magic shop for some extra nifty items and got the local gossip.
They then headed north together in search of what was leading to missing people in the town of Balamb.

Session Summary – 5
A fight was picked on the way to Balamb and the group killed all but one of the raiders. They secretly followed him back to his camp where they found an army of goblinoids. Most of them were sick or suffering from war wounds. The party helped them the best they could but it wasn’t long after that until something began to attack the camp. The menace was unseen as it traveled underground and began to take down the tents.

Neah’Meh saw the threat and alerted the others by firing an arrow into the tent where the group was helping to heal the wounded soldiers. Marlon went outside to assess the threat and promptly alerted everyone else. The party was able to retreat from the camp safely and wound up back at the crossroads. The goblinoid army went off on its own to continue its fight and the party continued north to explore why the town of balamb was missing people.

The adventurers got to Balamb very late and spent the night at the inn. The next morning they “enjoyed” a sub-par breakfast buffet and then set off to explore the town. It appeared that almost everyone was gone and almost all of the shops closed down. When they went to investigate the fields they found a lot of holes in the ground. They sent Flanneltooth down one of the holes but they soon lost contact. They kept exploring and eventually found a very large pit with a bottom which cannot be seen. What lies beyond it’s depths?

Sessions 1-5

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