Funyuns & Dragons


The gang rolls some survival checks and gets some cool stuff.

+5 to next survival check
1 automatic success on death saving throw
extra attack for the next day
8 orange and purple mushrooms that when a d6 is rolled give
1-2 enlarge, 3-4 reduce, 5-6 restore 2d8 hp

They find a dead guy in a well and proceed to take his stuff.

At night, they find a camp with a single orc keeping watch. This is where they can kill all the orcs to get a reward.
Doc and Karla disguises themselves as orcs. Ellywick turns herself into a crocodile.

An orc walks over with karliah and Marlon trips him. He is set upon and killed very quickly. Marlon cuts out his bones and fits the orc flesh over his bones. Elliwick shoots lightning at the tents. Doc shoots fire.


ian_goudie ian_goudie

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