Funyuns & Dragons


The gang defeats the cyclops like creature (Nothic) who is promptly pushed over the cliff and into the crevasse. The gang hear walking sounds and explore the area from which the sounds came. They find a bunch of money and keep it for themselves. People (Ravens) shot at us and ran away. They go into a wizards room and pick up a vial of minotaur blood, a pegasus feather, and a gibbering mouther eye. A rat runs away as Doc does an arcana check and he misses with mage hand. The rat runs under the door and gets away. The gang find some items in a chest.
They leave Tresandar manor and find the town on fire. Panfire, Doc and Marlon split up. The remaining villagers are being held hostage by the Ravens with blades to their throats. Dailah shoots an arrow at guy talking and he starts a speech in which the townspeople keep getting their throats cut. Doc and Marlon go invisible. A fight ensues. After a few Ravens die Karliah convinces them to lower their weapons.


ian_goudie ian_goudie

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