Funyuns & Dragons


Marching through the woods following a tiny path and come out to a castle consisting of 7 crumbling towers.
A short flight of steps leads up to the main terrace and the entry way. Past the wreckage of doors lies a shadowed hall.
Archer goblins attack them from the arrow slits.


The gang rolls some survival checks and gets some cool stuff.

+5 to next survival check
1 automatic success on death saving throw
extra attack for the next day
8 orange and purple mushrooms that when a d6 is rolled give
1-2 enlarge, 3-4 reduce, 5-6 restore 2d8 hp

They find a dead guy in a well and proceed to take his stuff.

At night, they find a camp with a single orc keeping watch. This is where they can kill all the orcs to get a reward.
Doc and Karla disguises themselves as orcs. Ellywick turns herself into a crocodile.

An orc walks over with karliah and Marlon trips him. He is set upon and killed very quickly. Marlon cuts out his bones and fits the orc flesh over his bones. Elliwick shoots lightning at the tents. Doc shoots fire.


The gang attempts to convince the ravens and/or townspeople to be their army.
The gang splits up the gold and coppers found for 33 gold and 33 coppers each plus 668 gold pieces.

Caingorm is looking for Gundrin Rockseer who has a map that says the way to Baphomet and Kruthiks signed their pact. He might be at Cragmaw castle.

Blackspider is the new bad guy. He’s the one that told Glasstaff (the now deceased leader of The Ravens) about the group coming into town and to kill them.

They kill some orcs and stirges.


The gang defeats the cyclops like creature (Nothic) who is promptly pushed over the cliff and into the crevasse. The gang hear walking sounds and explore the area from which the sounds came. They find a bunch of money and keep it for themselves. People (Ravens) shot at us and ran away. They go into a wizards room and pick up a vial of minotaur blood, a pegasus feather, and a gibbering mouther eye. A rat runs away as Doc does an arcana check and he misses with mage hand. The rat runs under the door and gets away. The gang find some items in a chest.
They leave Tresandar manor and find the town on fire. Panfire, Doc and Marlon split up. The remaining villagers are being held hostage by the Ravens with blades to their throats. Dailah shoots an arrow at guy talking and he starts a speech in which the townspeople keep getting their throats cut. Doc and Marlon go invisible. A fight ensues. After a few Ravens die Karliah convinces them to lower their weapons.


Take extended rest. Raven breaks in. Marlon is on watch and wakes up Panfire. Panfire trips him, he runs out the door and Marlon hits him with a javelin. He is interrogated and reveals he was trying to break in and kill scaly dragon born.

Raven is taken to square. Square has 24 dead bodies pointing towards Tresendar Manor. Note is pinned that says “bring the rest of them to Tresandar Manor”

The gang starts trying to convince townspeople to attack the ravens. With about 15 supporters they head towards Tresandar Manor. They break in the door. They start moving through the mansion and into a cavern with a scent of decaying flesh.They start walking over a bridge and attack a cyclops like creature.

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