Marlon Grumsfeld

Mountain Dwarf Barbarian


Level 6
14 AC
45 HP


Dragon Slayer Greataxe
2 Javelins
Light Crossbow




dwarven resilience
dwarven combat training
tool proficiency – brewer’s supplies, lute
light and medium armor proficiency
strength +2


Marlon Grumsfeld used to be a miner. He would work hard in the mines all day and enjoy his nights with friends and families. That all changed the day his village was destroyed; his hometown, friend, families, and everything he loved, burned to the ground.
Marlon was in his cellar retrieving some supplies when he heard a loud roaring sound come from outside and as he reached the top of the stairs a shockwave blew him back down into the cellar. The only other thing he remembered after that was the intense heat that was radiating down from above him. When he awoke and ventured to the top of the cellar and took stock of his situation. What remained of his former house had collapsed on top of him, sealing him into the cellar. He could also feel the extreme heat of his still burning town beating down upon him. He decided that his best bet was to take some old mining equipment he had stored in his cellar and dig his way out.
It took two days; two days of constant digging before he was able to work his way up and be free of the cellar. When he broke through the surface what he saw seared itself on his memory so that to this day he sees it every time he closes his eyes.
Marlon had dug straight to the center of town and when he was standing again on the surface he was able to take in the full devastation which had been wrought. The dragon, or whatever it was, had so completely destroyed the town that Marlon himself now stood taller than anything else that had been. The charred remains of his townsfolk littered the landscape, some skeletons still cradling other remains. The attack had been so swift and brutal that there could only have been a few survivors. Those that were already out of town or had been near enough the edge that they could have safely fled into the forest and made it to the next town over.
Marl Grumsfeld used to be a miner. But that man had been replaced by a bitter shell of his former self. Hell-bent on gaining his revenge against whoever had ruined his town and his life.

Spent some time believing he was someone else and had a fixation on retrieving gold. He has since snapped back but is now a skeleton.

-likes rope
-powerful melee attacks
-super scared of dragons, mental/emotional issues, should probably see a shrink
-attacks w/ little hesitation
-hates dragons

Marlon Grumsfeld

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