Drayor "Doc" Rahl

Human Wizard - School of Illusion


Doc, an eager young wizard is very friendly and doesn’t hesitate to tell you about himself or his latest experiments.
“I am a brilliant and eccentric scientist seeking to wander alongside spirited individuals and conduct field research!”
“Being an individual with a history heavily focused in the magical field, I can bring several skills to the proverbial table!!”
“I am in need of a symbiotic group relationship to help aid my research.”
“My research involves, oh, so many things; ‘answering life’s questions’, one might say!!!”
“Having taken my share of ego bruisings, I’m eager to set out with a fresh set of friends and fresh ideas. See the world through someone else’s eyes, even!”


A promising young student of the prestigious wizarding college Unseen University (Go Double-U!!), Doc found that the members which sat the Academic Boards were stuffy, codgy, old wizards with no vision for the future or for what good the Arcane Arts could truly provide.
Previous adventures have proven fruitful but recent tragic events have left him the sole survivor in search of another group. While nothing can truly replace his campus cohorts, Doc tries to consider himself a survivor and pushes on.

-doc is super creepy and is a pyromaniac.
-had an unfortunate accident during a mage’s experiment
-nephew died in experiment
-burned to death by a dragon, now just a skeleton
- tried to push Marlon into fire
-skilled with offensive magic

Drayor "Doc" Rahl

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